by Sworn Vengeance

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1st full length by Sworn Vengeance


released August 1, 1999



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Sworn Vengeance


Hardcore/metal crossover from the San Francisco Bay Area, started in 1998.


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Track Name: Merciless
Bled before my eyes
Death should not occur so quickly
Never said goodbye
Cut down in the midst of living
Promise; full of hope
Torn from those who gave you courage
Why were you the one when others deserve a crueler fate?
Innocence dies young
All those left are forced to struggle
Sorrow fills my heart
Life becomes an empty waste
Pain – Rage – Hate – Decay
Nothing’s left, all is dead
Sacrificed for what end?
No justice, no revenge
Death before life; merciless
Once proud, now you’ve fallen
Cut down by our sins
We choke on the poisons of humanity
This life drags me down
Damn this world, life isn’t sacred
My youth ripped away
Promises remain empty
Hopeless, left alone
Everything good in life destroyed; worth fighting for all slaughtered
Let society kill off itself, I don’t fucking care
Pain – Rage – Hate – Decay
Track Name: Crack The Bone
No toleration, no sympathy, no understanding, just brutality
You’ve sealed your destruction
I’ve seen the pain that dwells in your soul
I’ve seen the rage when you lose control
And I’ve seen what’s inside of you
Your fear makes you react
Afraid of what you don’t understand is your basis for an attack
10 on 1? Yeah, you’re a fucking man
Let’s see you stand on your own two feet
We won’t stop till the job is done; until our victory’s complete
You want a war? You got a war
I’ll see you slaughtered
I’ll watch you bleed
Your hate is misguided
Let me show you what hate means to me
This ignorant stance that you take: violence on the basis of diversity
The pain you inflict will soon become your own
You mother fucker, I want you dead
Now you become the victim
Hate, malevolence, your ignorance breeds prejudice
The battle lines have been drawn
You stand no chance
You have no hope
We’ll take your belief in a perfect race and we’ll rip this shit apart
Let me show you what hate means to me
Track Name: Generations
You give my existence focus
You give my life its purpose
My enemy, my savior, the reason I exist
Your body, your blood
My poison, my death
I wish to consume
I wish to destroy
My only wish is one last shot at redemption with your demise
You make my soul complete
My goal rests with your breath
My plan mapped in your bones
To smell the stench of your rotting flesh is the only thing I know
I must succeed, for it’s my destiny
Chaos, everlasting chaos, the only life I’ve known
Chaos, my beautiful chaos, you’re with me every day
Never go away
I will never fall short, never
Generations, generations empty
Track Name: Dead Man Procession
Even though I walk through the valley of the dead
I feel the winds of Heaven while the flames of Hell burn my path
Unseen by God’s good graces
No damnation for bloodless sins
I’m trapped in a world as lifeless as my heart
Millions of roads, yet all lead nowhere
I choose mine always second-guessing
The shadow of death hangs eternal
The balances always level
Just one good deed; just one act of aggression
Will upset the scales and decide my fate
As the torture continues…
Purgatory’s endless suffering, but no pain is what I feel
Only the emptiness inside myself, but no room for despair
No comfort from angels, no torment from demons
No reward, no damnation, my punishment is sealed
One thing is my key to salvation
One thing will determine my destiny
One thing I can never seem to discover
Trapped, my life forsaken
Left alone to wander an endless road before me
Behind my paces, darkness
All my emotions listless
As the torture continues…
Track Name: Hammer
I’d sell my soul for a chance to watch you die in agony
Burn in a fire of guilt
Their cries of justice will never rest until the day your destruction is at hand
In a flash you stole my hope
Took them away from my life
Your blood stained hands will not come clean
It’s time to face the terror within
You thought that you might escape, get away with what you’ve done
To you it might have been nothing, but to me it was my world
There will be no salvation
No sanctuary for your soul
Your actions will be your demise
At my hands you’ll feel my pain
I’ll make you suffer for what I’ve endured
Nothing will stand in my way
I used to burn when I thought of your face
Now I’ll smile when I spit on your grave
Your death is the only solution to end this madness within
A worthless life is my sacrifice to the dead screaming for your soul
I wait for my chance at revenge
Savor the moment of truth
And with this hammer of vengeance I will deliver your last rites
Track Name: Shades Of Self
The evils of your deceitful ways
The demons of your haunted past
All exposed so crystal clear
The truth cuts like broken glass
I know what you think
I know what you hide
I know what you feel
I know what’s inside
I’ll shatter your spirit
I’ll find a way to fuck it up
Your conscience screams in agonizing pain
The weight of guilt is more than you can stand
The actions of an egocentric life will bring the downfall of a broken man
The bloodguilt will remain your own until the day of your demise
You’ll suffer in a self-consuming hell
That burns through the cloak of your disguise
The time has come
Track Name: Unresolved Issues Of Rage
You’ve caused my sorrow
A life of suffering
Through rage and torment my pain has fueled my hate
Cut from my shallow existence as I drown in a pool of my own misery
But my despair has provided a purpose
To create an inferno of rage in which you’ll burn
As I look at a faceless expression devoid of all fucking emotion
A sadistic smile emerges as I hold you in contempt of what you’ve done
I’ll see you crucified
Track Name: Abbadon
Contamination of your pathetic race
I will bide my time and poison one by one
Until I have my army of darkness to storm the gates
Burn your Heaven down, slay your fucking God
And take my rightful place as the master of this world
Armageddon’s rise
The days of oblivion are here, releasing all this pain
Infecting the masses with disease
Apocalypse has come
The death of your paradise grows close
Embrace your fate, accept the path that you chose
Unleash the gods of war
I’ll never serve in Heaven, I’d rather reign in Hell
My vengeance sworn upon my name
The slaughter of your precious Earth
The conquest of humanity
Your kingdom crushed, your kingdom burned
What you hold dear is what I shall destroy
You dare to make me suffer for my pride?
I’ve embraced the blackness in my heart
Your punishment has made me devoted to this hate
I’ll devour your soul
You’ll end up just like me
Deprived of all your life, stripped of your humanity
Unleash the gods of war
Track Name: Burial Ground
To me it’s all a lie
The offers of friendship
Misleading my trust
The promises given
Betraying your word
I guess you don’t learn
My friends are my family, bonded in blood
You lack integrity
Now you reap what you sow
I will never trust again
Turn a blind eye and you stab me in the back
So you’ve made your choice
Now we move on with our destinies
No use for this pain, just bury the past in shame
False promises hide true motivations
You never cared for anyone but yourself
Now you reap what you sow
Stand by your actions with no resolution
And be buried by your falsehood
Reap what you sow
Track Name: Loss Of Life
Living through the constant pain of a lifetime drowned in death
I beg for some kind of release from the hell in which I’m trapped
No prayers have ever been answered
No mercy placed upon my soul
No angel to grant me my salvation
Alone I suffer
I’ve been given the strength to endure this fucking shit
The loss of loved ones and the dying of my best friends
Is it my destiny to be surrounded by all this pain?
What the fuck is this life for if all I’m ever doing is
Suffering, hurting, screaming, begging, praying to be through of all this
Suffering, hurting, screaming, begging, praying that this life will end
What the hell did I do to deserve this?
If there is a God he must have no remorse
Trapped in a world that’s a fucking nightmare with no way out
What’s the point of constantly striving
If all I ever do is get knocked down?
And what’s the point of constantly striving if all I ever do is get knocked out?
Why the hell should I have to endure all this pain and bloody misery?
Why don’t I get my fucking release so I can just be set free?
Alone I suffer