.​.​.​And With This Hammer Of Vengeance

by Sworn Vengeance



The first new release from Sworn Vengeance in twelve years. Recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zach Ohren (Suffocation, Immolation, Early Graves, All Shall Perish), “…And With This Hammer of Vengeance” contains ten tracks, including a re-working of one of their oldest songs, "Abbadon".


released April 1, 2014

Songs by Brian Baumgartner except "Abbadon" by Nate Olsen & Brian Baumgartner
Music by Tony Barbier, Brian Baumgartner, Neil Dhawan & Jon Frost
Lyrics by Ryan Encinas



all rights reserved


Sworn Vengeance

Booking: booking@swornvengeanceband.com

Hardcore/metal crossover from the San Francisco Bay Area, started in 1998.


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Track Name: Blood & Winter
Death arise
Make flesh and blood the prize
Hunt them down and take their very lives
Hear the wolves and know that Hell has come
Demon eyes, blacker than the grave
Hear the cries
Mercy has no home
The gods command that all will fall this day
Hear the wolves and know that Hell has come
Demon eyes, blacker than the grave
Hell has come as all are burned alive
Hear the horn and know it's time to die
Split open and bled out, corrupted
Spine cracked with the ribs splayed
Twisted idol of blood, bone and vengeance
A final memory of this day
Blood eagle's flight
Track Name: Abyss Bring Death
Take hold of sword and let your vengeance reign
Rise as the fifth trumpet sounds
Open the gates and witness Hell be released
Eternal darkness unbound
Bringer of death
A blackened world awash in fire and ash
Lord of the 7th and the crusher of worlds
Advisor, bringer of rain
Armies of angels all have fell to his blade
Eternal winter remains
Bringer of death
A blackened world awash in fire and ash
Track Name: The Rat & The Serpent
Reflections of death
Darkness comes, rising
Calling out the old god’s name
Our souls burn till black
Awash in sin, rotting
Rats and serpents, lifeless hearts
Welcome this human condition
Helpless, we’re trapped in submission
Facing our hopeless position
Foretold, our end has been written
We all pay the price
Scars run deep in skin
Hell comes raining down
We are left to ash
Our souls are festered and blistered
We have become our own killers
Corpses, our bodies will wither
Judgment has now been delivered
Salvation has come too late
A welcome grave for all this hate
We’re the disease
Track Name: Eucharist
Slave to myth and servant to fear
Built on the falsehood of faith
Serving the will and becoming the sheep
While led to death’s gates
Blood on the altar is your sacrifice
That makes you so helpless and meek
You veil contrition with glorification
Redemption has made you weak
Feel your flesh start to burn
Broken, battered, tormented and torn
Suffering and screaming, begging to die
Hopeless, find your salvation denied
On bended knee this unholy communion
Praising the land of the dead
The worship of one on the corpses of millions
That choked on their hope as they bled
No savior to help you
Your prayers go unanswered
The righteous abandoned to die
Redeemer/Deceiver they’re one in the same
On his throne in his kingdom of lies
Left to die, alone and forsaken
Where is your God now?
Track Name: Pallor Mortis
No matter how hard I fight the burden is too much to bear
Defeated, incomplete and trapped in this nightmare
For years I struggled trying to find my place in life
Surrounded by the violence, hate, despair and strife
The stench of death envelops me
With graves as far as I can see
No blood just pain is all that’s coursing through these veins
Staring through my hollow soul with just myself to blame
Placed in submission, lacking strength to set me free
With heavy debt only repaid in agony
This hell grows stronger every day
I feel myself slipping away
Accept the end and rest in peace, finally done
As I look back I know I’ll never miss the sun
Track Name: Tribute
The future’s empty there’s no going back
The reaper’s wings have blackened this world
Witness the end of humanity’s reign
Witness the end as get dragged down to Hell
A righteous immolation
As the sky burns red
The ghosts of saints declare war
Pay tribute with the dead
Hollow your eyes to hide from the truth
Rip out your nerves to avoid all the pain
Carve out your tongue to silence the cries
And be a rotting corpse begging mercy
An empty vessel without a soul
Destitute with no horizon in sight
Eternity in darkness wandering dead
Trapped in a rotting shell with life stripped away
A righteous immolation
As the sky burns red
The ghosts of saints declare war
Pay tribute with the dead
Track Name: The Unveiling
Bury me closer to the flames of Hell
War Famine Pestilence Eaters of sin
The blood will anoint while the body decays
As skies rain death
The beast will crush the light
1000 years of darkness rules the earth
Rotted corpses, golden halls
Crucified and the corrupt
Bear witness to the end of days
Indignant and blasphemous monuments
Holy and pious bow down in defeat
The armies of darkness rise deep from the pit
As Heaven bleeds
Wrapped in the arms of our Armageddon
The seals break and humanity dies
Nothing left to protect God’s creation
Reign of the dragon, the emperor of lies
Nations burn in effigies
All are slaughtered in His wake
Souls devoured by the hunger of the damned
Gleaming thrones of angel’s bones
Heaven’s legions crushed to dust
Revelation’s time is now
Track Name: DMH
I’ve seen your death a thousand times
The screams of pain and agony
There is no replacement for what I have lost
You’ve left me with an empty pit
A blackness I can never shake
This living death, a shadow of my own soul
Every day you breathe
Is another day in Hell for me
All this hate and malevolence
This violence coursing through my veins
Satisfaction is taken from your own blood
I’ll be the thought that makes you sweat
I’ll be the shadow you avoid
So run hard and run fast and never sleep again
Because the day you stop to rest
Is the day you take your final breath
I don’t want justice
I don’t want punishment
I just want you dead
The silence screams for blood
The silence screams for rage
You’re left with nothing
Now I watch you fall
Track Name: Abbadon
Contamination of your pathetic race
I will bide my time and poison one by one
Until I have my army of darkness to storm the gates
Burn your Heaven down, slay your fucking God
And take my rightful place as the master of this world
Armageddon’s rise
The days of oblivion are here, releasing all this pain
Infecting the masses with disease
Apocalypse has come
The death of your paradise grows close
Embrace your fate, accept the path that you chose
Unleash the gods of war
I’ll never serve in Heaven, I’d rather reign in Hell
My vengeance sworn upon my name
The slaughter of your precious Earth
The conquest of humanity
Your kingdom crushed, your kingdom burned
What you hold dear is what I shall destroy
You dare to make me suffer for my pride?
I’ve embraced the blackness in my heart
Your punishment has made me devoted to this hate
I’ll devour your soul
You’ll end up just like me
Deprived of all your life, stripped of your humanity
Unleash the gods of war
Track Name: Mastema
I’ve witnessed all the countless horrors of this world
Acts of malevolence and hate
A species born with blackness deep within their bones
A hell on earth your only fate
Coursing venom
Left to suffer
Now you fall
Cast into judgment on the bounty of your sins
Broken scales, weighted flesh
Awash in all the evil of the sons of men
Your vicious souls will pray for death
Coursing venom
Left to suffer
Now you fall