My Friend Violence (re​-​issue)

by Sworn Vengeance



Re-release of the Sworn Vengeance demo recordings with added bonus tracks.


released September 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Sworn Vengeance


Hardcore/metal crossover from the San Francisco Bay Area, started in 1998.


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Track Name: Shades Of Self
The evils of your deceitful ways
The demons of your haunted past
All exposed so crystal clear
The truth cuts like broken glass
I know what you think
I know what you hide
I know what you feel
I know what’s inside
I’ll shatter your spirit
I’ll find a way to fuck it up
Your conscience screams in agonizing pain
The weight of guilt is more than you can stand
The actions of an egocentric life will bring the downfall of a broken man
The bloodguilt will remain your own until the day of your demise
You’ll suffer in a self-consuming hell
That burns through the cloak of your disguise
The time has come
Track Name: Soul Stealer
The curse I’ve cried will haunt my life
Forever left alone
I have renounced my purity
The torture of life my sanctity
Faced with immortal misery and deafened by screams of agony
My cries of damnation
Look in these eyes and see my anguish building inside
Never relinquished from all the crimes that I’ve committed
Cast into Hell: this soul rejected
The cross that I bear was the cross I burned
Trapped in a world of death and pain
Only the mark of my existence will unveil these scars of shame
Begging for mercy has no impact
I’m forced to suffer for my sins
Humanity’s pain is my addiction, feeding the flames of my damnation
Track Name: Loss Of Life
Living through the constant pain of a lifetime drowned in death
I beg for some kind of release from the hell in which I’m trapped
No prayers have ever been answered
No mercy placed upon my soul
No angel to grant me my salvation
Alone I suffer
I’ve been given the strength to endure this fucking shit
The loss of loved ones and the dying of my best friends
Is it my destiny to be surrounded by all this pain?
What the fuck is this life for if all I’m ever doing is
Suffering, hurting, screaming, begging, praying to be through of all this
Suffering, hurting, screaming, begging, praying that this life will end
What the hell did I do to deserve this?
If there is a God he must have no remorse
Trapped in a world that’s a fucking nightmare with no way out
What’s the point of constantly striving
If all I ever do is get knocked down?
And what’s the point of constantly striving if all I ever do is get knocked out?
Why the hell should I have to endure all this pain and bloody misery?
Why don’t I get my fucking release so I can just be set free?
Alone I suffer
Track Name: 13 Swords
The shell remains, but the soul is gone
Cut in a frenzy of a primal driven rage
Your life is mine to toy with how I please
You pray to me because I’m the one who holds the key
Your blood I taste
Your skin I tear apart
Your body broken by a violent assault
I grin and laugh as you beg for your life
But there’s no mercy, just the callous taste of death
Robbed of my innocence and left without a heart
Tormented by the memories of painful punishment
Mistreated and corrupted, abused and scorned
My suffering will not end until my demons are put to rest
I lose control
Madness embraces me
I seek your massacre for my release of my insanity
I need to watch you bleed; yell out in agony
This isn’t right
How come I kill and kill again?
What have I become?
Whatever happened to my innocence?
Track Name: Deadfall
In war torn surroundings we fight for survival
A lifetime in darkened, corroded despair
The blood and the chaos
The screams and the silence
Through force or by choice it all ends the same
We bow down to madness, accept its embrace
Becoming the creatures that we despise most
We beg for redemption, but to what avail?
Petition discounted, our cries go unheard
Judgment is passed, the hour has come
Our annihilation is by our own hand
The sins of our fathers prevent our upliftment
A modern Gehenna to torture our souls
The dying of courage, the pain of existence
Will rot all assurance of man’s salvation
Face our punishment
Mankind’s genocide
Prepare for eradication
Track Name: Trash Talk
You talk a lot of shit but you can’t back it up
Thinking that you’re cool, but you’re just a fucking punk
You can’t find a scene to fit in so you have to come to ours
And talk behind our backs because you’re just a fucking coward
Who do you think you are, trying to make fun of my crew?
All of us are wondering just who the fuck are you?
You think you’re better than the rest of us, you better think again
Because I’ll beat you fucking down and all your trash talk will end
Track Name: Abbadon
Contamination of your pathetic race
I will bide my time and poison one by one
Until I have my army of darkness to storm the gates
Burn your Heaven down, slay your fucking God
And take my rightful place as the master of this world
Armageddon’s rise
The days of oblivion are here, releasing all this pain
Infecting the masses with disease
Apocalypse has come
The death of your paradise grows close
Embrace your fate, accept the path that you chose
Unleash the gods of war
I’ll never serve in Heaven, I’d rather reign in Hell
My vengeance sworn upon my name
The slaughter of your precious Earth
The conquest of humanity
Your kingdom crushed, your kingdom burned
What you hold dear is what I shall destroy
You dare to make me suffer for my pride?
I’ve embraced the blackness in my heart
Your punishment has made me devoted to this hate
I’ll devour your soul
You’ll end up just like me
Deprived of all your life, stripped of your humanity
Unleash the gods of war
Track Name: Bloodstorm (demo)
Vengeance rips through my body like a bullet from a gun
My black heart is a motor of death
My hate is the fuel to feed my bloodlust for you
My feelings of happiness and remorse long been gone
Now killing time has arrived, and to go with great stride
I search for an outlet and find the only thing: murder
My heart is stone, my morals deserted years ago
My hatred has turned my soul to black
I feel my humanity slowly decay
I see your eyes open wide as you breathe your last breath
My means of satisfaction: your agony is my joy
Corrupted innocence has bred the killer in me
My bloodstorm is never through
You were born for the grave
All I see is red, all I feel is pain, all I am is dead inside
Now the tide has turned
Your torment is my release
Destroy the memories as I witness your suffering
I deny you your existence
My bloodstorm is never through
Now you’ll fucking die
Bleed the pain away; the torture that you’ve created
My bloodstorm is never through
Track Name: Disgraced (new recording)
I see the flame in your eyes
Damnation to those who don’t accept
Burning in eternal shame by your oh so merciful God
You condemn my atheistic beliefs
Only yours are the ones that exist
To you I bathe in sin
Because I don’t buy in to your burden of lies
You ensure your place for tomorrow
With a dollar to pronounce your remorse
On the sins you commit everyday
On those people you would call your own
Some would say I’m an antichrist
A human with a demon inside
Because I don’t bow down in worship to a practice
That has caused more death than life
I’ll reject your continued pleads
I’ll reject your brainwashed views
I’ll reject your group identity
And my conscious will remain my own
Track Name: Weakness (demo)
In a world where life is uncertain and death is guaranteed
I realize that this is my birthright to the age of decay
As the blackness fills my broken soul
And man’s spoiled imperfection burrows into my skin
It forces me to open my eyes
We drown in the blood of the innocent
Live in the graves of the dead
Endure the fucking agony of all this suffering
The weak choose suicide
The weak choose addiction
The weak choose belief in a faith that sacrifice their own kind
I will not submit
I need no substance
I need no God
I need no crutch to make it through this life
All those I rely on: no one
Those things I depend on: nothing
My survival lies in my own strength
It’s power through control
Control through strength
Strength through hate
Hate through fear
Fear through displays of power
I can’t give up
Your words: they won’t force me down
Your chains: they won’t bind me down
This life: it won’t break me down
I will not submit
I’ll survive on my own
I need no substance
I need no God
I need no crutch to make it through this life
All those I rely on: no one
Those things I depend on: nothing
My survival lies in my own strength
I will not submit